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Parker Controls the Slime
Added 10/20/23    1216 views    2
1 review!
Greyson and Parker are hanging out in their new and improved G and P studio before hitting the gym. Their new studio is equipped with voice recognition to slime whoever says the iconic words "I don't know" so the boys are always very cautious of what...
Greyson Gets Slimed After the Gym
Added 9/13/23    1154 views
UMD voted on who should get slimed after the gym, and Greyson was the lucky guy to win! Parker and Greyson had an intense workout and then go back to their slime studio to film for you. Greyson tried to avoid getting slimed, but Parker wasn't going...
Parker Gets Pied
Added 8/29/23    955 views
A shirtless Parker takes a creamy pie to the face for losing a vote on who should get pied between him and Greyson! Greyson has the honor of pieing his best friend enjoying every second of it, happy it wasn't himself that had to get pied!
Parker Gets Slimed at the Gym
Added 12/9/23    808 views
The boys are hanging out after the gym and find a bucket of slime. Greyson asks Parker a really tough question that he doesn't know the answer to. A shirtless Parker endures a huge bucket of thick, green slime for not being able to answer his friend...
Bundle: G&P Get Slimed and Pied
Added 9/2/23    943 views
Bundle price:
Watch Parker and Greyson enjoy getting messy for you! Parker gets covered in thick teal slime. Greyson gets covered in thick blue slime. Parker gets pied in the face.
Greyson Gets Pied Twice
Added 12/13/23    743 views
Parker surprises Greyson as he's leaving the gym after his workout. Greyson thought his buddy was just coming to hang out, but Parker had other ideas. Watch as Greyson gets 2 surprise pies from his buddy! Poor guy!
Greyson Gets Green Slimed
Added 10/25/23    832 views
It's time for Greyson to go Green! Greyson is actually excited for this one because green slime is his favorite! The bucket is overflowing and he eagerly takes his place below it with his buddy Parker ready to pour it all over him. He looks up int...
Parker In Thick Teal Slime
Added 8/21/23    1452 views    2
After a tough workout, Parker gets absolutely covered in thick teal slime while wearing a white tanktop. He loves the feeling of getting slimed and always has a big smile on his face. He looks up into the slime a lot, enjoying every moment!
Parker Covered in Pink Slime
Added 10/4/23    733 views
It's slime time for Parker! The bucket is loaded with thick, pink, gooey slime. Our adventurous Parker loves looking up as it's pouring all over his face. He makes sure to get absolutely covered for you guys!
Greyson Goes Blue
Added 9/1/23    985 views    1
Parker gets his revenge on Greyson! Wearing a tank top, Greyson reluctantly takes his position under a huge bucket of thick, blue slime. Parker loves getting his revenge and watching Greyson squirm with anticipation! Eventually Greyson gives into e...

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